Episode 6

Published on:

6th Apr 2023

Avoiding overwhelm

We’ve already discussed the leadership landscape and how challenging it is for leaders at present. In this episode we talk about how, as a leader, you can avoid overwhelm, recognising when you might be heading towards burnout and how to support your wellbeing. We also share our own personal experiences of dealing with overwhelm.

We share our own views, thoughts and experiences:

  • 03:38 – the stats – setting the scene
  • 11:11 – recognition of signs and privilege
  • 16:59 – the impact of who you work with
  • 23:37 – boundary setting  
  • 31:30 – where are you getting your support?
  • 41:00 -  How to…avoid overwhelm

As always, we share our top takeaways to help you avoid overwhelm. Start with one small thing that could make a difference, make time to reflect and work out what some of your signs of overwhelm are and reach out to your support network.

In this episode we reference data from Deloitte Insights and the Development Dimensions International Global Leadership Forecast 2021. We also reference Dare to Lead by Brene Brown.


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